Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this mode of learning suit me?

A. If you are in full time employment, have family commitments, live in a remote area, are taking other courses on a full time basis, enabled differently, work in unpredictable setup, then yes, this mode of learning adapts well to your learning needs

Q: Do I need to be computer literate? How about the internet?

A: Yes. Applicants should be computer literate and have access to a computer. You also require the internet to enable you access the CHRM ecampus , which is the platform for delivery of all e-learning programmes. CHRM encourages students to invest in portable computers-laptop or smartphone.However the studentscan download reading resources and read offline and only require internet during virtual interaction with the lecturer.

Q: Can I access these courses from any computer?

A: Yes, all you will need is an Internet connection and your account login information.

Q: How does Learner- paced model differ from Facilitator Led Model? Can I change from one model to the other?

A: Learner-Paced model refers to the traditional distance learning where the students upon enrolment, is provided with study kit/pack goes to read and come sit for examinations at his own pace while Facilitator led model refers to a modern approach where learners are facilitated to learn by a lecturer virtually through LMS. CHRM has adopted facilitator led model in running the CHRP program. Yes. One can change from one model to the other, however CHRM highly advocate for Facilitator Led model.

Q: How to obtain the materials? When will you email me the materials?

A: The course materials and interaction with the lecturers/facilitators will take place through this e Learning platform. Simply login with your username and password (provided to you by CHRM students support team) and click on my courses link to view the units that you are supposed to cover in the current semester.

Q: How are e-Learning courses different from traditional classes?

A: Online courses are conducted primarily via the Internet virtually, although final examinations will be done at any of the CHRM campuses (Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru or Kisumu) E-learning taught by qualified facilitators, many of whom also teach traditional classes. E-learning courses are designed to be academically equivalent to traditional courses. Students actually spend more time on e-learning courses because of the self-directed nature of e-learning because of the flexibility of the online courses. There will be no more;

  • Daily travelling to classes.You will save amount you have been spending on fare
  • No more traffic jam!
  • No more risk of contracting COVID 19.

Q: Where will I sit my Examinations?

A: All students registered for the eLearning mode of study are required to take sit-in examinations at the end of each semester. Examinations and practical aspects of the any unit will be conducted by HRMPEB at any of the accredited CHRM centers (Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru). Only students who are duly registered for individual courses will be allowed to sit examinations.

Q: What is the mode of Coursework (CATs and Assignments) delivery?

A: All Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and Assignments are taken online. A document showing a step by step guide on how to submit the Coursework is attached

Q: Will I be able to interact with my classmates and network as it is in face to face classes?

A: All Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and Assignments are taken online. A document showing a step by step guide on how to submit the Coursework is attached